Sloane Six Bio

Sloane Six – CEO / President of Hazleton Oil & Environmental, Inc.

Since its foundation in 1961, women-owned family company Hazleton Oil and Environmental has undergone significant growth and changes, starting from just a one-man operation to a full-service Mid-Atlantic fleet. Sloane Six and her husband first purchased Hazleton Oil and Environmental from the original owner in 2003, however, as of November 2020, Sloane Six owns and manages 100% of the company. Since purchasing Hazleton Oil and Environmental, Sloane Six has taken steps to expand the company’s products and services while broadening the company’s service area to include new portions of the Mid-Atlantic region. Seeing the potential of Hazleton Oil and Environmental, Sloane Six immediately invested over $5 million into the business in order to improve and upgrade Hazleton Oil and Environmental’s data system, facility, fleet, and future real estate, as well as purchasing a strategic 3.3 M gallon major bulk tank farm.

Prior to purchasing Hazleton Oil and Environmental, Sloane Six founded more than six companies, including leading management consulting group The Sloane Group, which helped to launch new technologies for major gas and energy companies including DuPont, Dow, Hercules, Ethyl Chemicals, BOC Gases, and varies other Fortune 500 companies. Throughout her career, Sloane Six has served as CFO, Director of Marketing and Business Development for a number of industry leaders, including Westinghouse Environmental and the Boston Consulting Group.

As seen in her many career achievements, Sloane prioritizes innovation and novel technological applications in business and is proud of the great strides Hazleton Oil and Environmental has made in the environmental recycling industry. As a B.S. degree from Barnard College in Geology and a M.S. degree holder in Geochemistry from Columbia University, Sloane Six has committed her entire career to advancing environmental recycling technology and protecting our environment. Since graduating from Columbia University, Sloane Six has developed a US patent in fumigation technology which has made fumigation of grain silos not only safer for workers but for the environment and licensed out a friendlier replacement for methyl bromide, a widely used pesticide, to the global market.

Sloane Six has continued to show her commitment to the environment throughout her time as Hazleton Oil and Environmental CEO, most recently with Hazleton Oil and Environmental’s launch of their new monitoring/ sensor technology designed to help improve remote sensing capabilities in the environmental industry. Today, Sloane Six requires all Hazleton Oil and Environmental staff to undergo OSHA and DOT training sessions to ensure HOE remains in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.